A State-of-the-art Facility. Hassle-free.

New Income Streams

Baseline Vision's products bring value to your players and your players' parents, unlocking new ways to monetize your services. Pay-per-use, premium memberships or revenue-sharing on premium features, contact us to discuss your optimal options

Enhanced Customer Experience

Players retention is about engagement.
Baseline Vision brings a new tennis experience, which translates into a better service.
Upgrade your facility in the most seamless way possible. 

New Marketing Tools

Baseline Vision brings new ways to create digital content. Get exposure with your logo on any shared video or graphical performance snapshots and generate traffic to your website and social accounts.

Data-Driven Coaching

Step into the future of coaching and help players improve with development tools, game analytics, gamified drills, video replays and session highlights. 

Three steps and you're set!

No installation costs.
No upfront fee.
30 seconds set-up.


Need a unit on court 10 right now ? Your lesson has been moved to court 6 ? No problem.
Baseline Vision's systems adapt to your operational needs and can be switched from court to court in less than 2 minutes.


No need for electricity or an internet connection on your court. Baseline Vision's systems do not require any change in your court infrastructure. Two 19V batteries are provided with each unit. They last for 4 hours and recharge in 4 hours.
And yes, you can connect the unit to a wall socket and have it go forever! 


Pay-per-month. No commitment. No set-up costs.

Volume prices available. Order here or contact us here

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