I Am Interested

In getting a free demo and trial period of the Baseline Vision system as soon as available in my geographic area.

  1. The Product

    The proposed services include

    1. A portable and user friendly camera device, and

    2. A mobile iOS/Android App.

  2. Prices

  • Monthly leasing fees will vary with the amount of systems ordered, as follows:

  • No installation cost. No change in court's infrastructure (electricity, internet,...) required

  • The App will be downloadable for free and include basic features for club members

  • The App will include optional premium features for players and coaches. 
    Monthly prices from $5 to $10 per player/coach


  • Baseline Vision will share up to 50% of revenues received from premium features purchased by the leasing club/academy’s players with the club

*   The purpose of this form is informational and is not a legal contract, nor a purchase order. 

** All prices and commercial terms will be negotiated and defined in the frame of a definitive purchase agreement.

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