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frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the camera call lines for single and double games?

Yes. You will be able to choose whether you are playing a single or double session within the app.

2. Will the shade on a court have an impact on accuracy?

High contrast in the camera's frame might impact the quality of the calibration, since one or more lines might stay undetected. That said, the camera doesn't need all the lines to calibrate and "extrapolates" on the missing lines.

3. Will the camera identify a serve and call the lines accordingly?

Yes. Serves are called as serves, and ground strokes as ground strokes.

4. Will the camera maintain the same performance for double games?

The camera will perform slightly better in a single game than in a double game. This is mainly due to the player or the ball being "hidden" from the camera, which will impact detection. That said, the camera calculates the whole 3D trajectory of the ball, and doesn't rely on visual data only. This means line calls and performance data can be calculated even when part of the information is missing.

5. Will I have to switch sides manually in the app when players switch sides?

At this time, yes. There is a dedicated large button in the center of the screen to switch players' sides. We are well aware that this is far from optimal, and are working hard on an "automatic switch" AI solution. This isn't an easy problem to solve, the feature will come as soon as possible.

6. Does the system differentiate between right-handed and left-handed players for forehand/backhand classification?

Yes. Besides being asked at sign-up whether a player is left- or right-handed, the AI differentiates a forehand from a backhand regardless of the hitting hand.

7. Can I use the camera's speakers to play music while playing?

Not yet. But it is one of the priorities in our features pipeline. We'll update as soon as available.

8. How does the phone connect to the camera ? Bluetooth/wifi?

The phone connects to the camera through wifi. It uses wifi-direct, a common, fast and easy connection protocol for IOT devices. It is important to remember this doesn't require an external wifi network on the court. The camera emits its own wifi signal.

9. Will you rent the cameras for tournaments?

In specific locations, yes. Although this won't make sense financially for the organizator in the long term. Please get in touch at for details.

10. Will I be able to switch between metric and imperial units?

Yes. Units standards can be switched through the settings in the app..

11. What payment options are available?

Paypal and all major Credit Cards are accepted for pre-orders. We will add additional methods of payment/financing closer to the launch date.

12. Will there be extra costs such as shipping or import taxes?

Shipping costs from Israel will be calculated right before shipping upon completion of payment (unless you choose to pay in full when prompted to do so at checkout, in which case, shipping is free). Shipping costs vary with the destination. To get an estimate of your shipping costs, please reach out at do not have control over your Import duties, unfortunately. This depends on your local import policies and will be charged by the carrier at delivery. We can help direct you to your relevant policies. Please reach out at

13. Can more than one person connect to the camera at the same time?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of users who can connect simultaneously to the camera. The two first connected users will show on the two sides of the court and players can be switched from the app.That said, every user is granted full control over the session (start/stop/etc...). Therefore, we do not recommend connecting more than 4 users at a time, to avoid confusion.

14. Is the system water resistant?

The camera is rated IP33. While It will sustain rain, it is not designed to stay outside for days under bad weather conditions. In case of rain, the camera should be unmounted whenever possible.

15. How long will the battery last?

The battery will last for 4 to 5 hours of play, and about 20 hours in standby.

16. How accurate are the speed / net clearance measurements?

This also depends greatly on lighting, environment, speed, etc.. We are generally below 5% of our reference for speed and net clearance measurements.

17. Storage: How many sessions can the camera record? and what happens when storage is full?

The 256GB of hard drive space will record about 5 hours of play. When storage is full, the camera will start deleting the oldest session to make room for the new ones. We will make storage upgrades available down the road.

18. Can the data be exported/shared?

You can share a snapshot of a session's performance through a dedicated "share" button, straight to any channel (mail/Whatsapp/Messenger/IG/FB/..). At this time, there is no way to download the data (*.csv) for further process. This feature is planned for next year.

19. Is there a coach mode, with specific drills and focus on just one side of the net?

For the sake of simplicity, we do not differentiate between the kinds of users within the app at this stage. When coaching, the system will still capture data for both sides. The non-relevant side will need to be disregarded. The app does show a separate screen for each playing side, which makes focusing on one side quite easy.

20. Will it register volleys?

Yes, volleys are registered as strokes, without ball placement obviously. Its speed/net clearance are taken into account in the average calculations

21. Will the system work without an app?

At this time, the app is required to launch a session and interact with the camera. We are working on a "stand-alone" mode, mostly for line calling purposes, where the system will automatically launch a session without an app. Coming up in 2024.

22. Can the sound be turned off?

Absolutely. You have full control over the sound and volume through the app.

23. Can the system be configured for pickleball / Padel?

The camera only works with tennis courts for now, but we are working on the Pickleball and Padel versions as we speak.We hope to announce the Pickleball version sometime in the second half of 2023.

24. Will the camera work on grass?

Yes, as long as the lines are reasonably visible.

25. How long is the warranty/return policy, and what does it include?

The cameras are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for 2 years from the date of purchase. If during the Warranty Period any component part of the product becomes defective because of defects in material or workmanship, we will either replace or repair the defective product,  or refund the purchase price of the product. The warranty includes damages from a ball hit. The product can be returned for any reason with a full refund within 30 days of reception. Please visit our Warranty and Refund Policy page for more information.

26. Will there be additional games where coaches will be able to design freely their own targets?

The initial version of the app comes with 3 different gamified drills. There are multiple additional interactive games in the pipeline, including the option to control target locations and scores. It is too early, however, to give an exact schedule for the deployment of these additional games.

27. Can you use two systems (on each netpost) for enhanced accuracy?

While it does improve performance a bit, we do not believe adding an additional system on the other side of the net is worth the money and hassle. Nothing prevents you to do so, of course, but we do not build our UI/infrastructure around that use-case.

28. Does the camera need to see the bounce to make a call (obstruction, etc..)? Is it image-based or trajectory-based?

The camera calculates the whole 3D trajectory of the ball based on a combination of visual data, aerodynamic models and additional information. While this drastically improves the accuracy of the call, the camera doesn't "need" to see the bounce to produce an estimate.

29. What are the monetization options for a club/coach (ROI)?

The most common model amongst our current clubs/coaches' customers is rising a little bit the price of the court/lesson/subscription to monetize the system (or at least break even). Pay-per-use is also an option, although more complicated logistically.

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